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Tv Screens (Rough) Tv Screens (Rough)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

WOOOOOO sounds so good mayne. I'd love to get the vocal stem for this to remix it somehow. This is one of my lazzzy beats but I'd love to see what i can make around that vocal.

big ups for using this lazy beat!!! you're the MAN. keep doing what you do. both rapping and instrumental-wise

zig zag

CHiLEDAWG responds:

thanks bro! glad you liked it, i can definitely send u the vocals, also get rdy for the full version of this song coming soon!!!1 ;)

vol1song1 vol1song1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

0:00 musical scribble! i like this
0:21 sounding very compose-y! interesting......
0:29 you have some stuff in the background
0:35 quicky!!!!!!!
0:43 ok you have arps going on here ok
0:48 i see what you are doing
0:52 you made this in a part of a day? a quicky? good on you
1:01 ok i like this progression... i am sensing a 4 star
1:10 this is nice, it sounds a bit Russian
1:16 ok that plinking piano on the background is great....... so good
1:28 yessssssssssssss i like this ascension

it's a 4! it's a good 4, and it's quick! i like it


vaginapenis vaginapenis

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

0:00 i see
0:05 ok
0:07 ok
0:10 ok
0:12 i see
0:16 okkkkkkk i like this melody though..... whoa
0:21 ok i like that
0:24 lol

ok the beat was actually pretty awesome but really that voice though loooooooooooool 4.5/5 for the music..... actually

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Father-of-Death responds:

Lol you are awesome thank you for all of your awesome reviews!

super cool newgrounds techno song super cool newgrounds techno song

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

0:09 haha that snare
0:13 it's ng techno
0:18 i don't know how you did this
0:28 ok i see you are going with some nice arpeggios
0:34 ok this is legit unironically good.................. presented as ironic
0:45 sorry f-o-d but i am liking this
0:51 ok this is back to the ng technos
0:59 very interseting
1:05 dat synth bit loud but i like how it devolves into beautiful arps
1:17 it gets a bit beautiful here
1:23 ok that wasn't bad at all

dat be a 3.5 in my book and i think you were being a bit ironic i think? but some parts were unironically good and i liked them. this is cool!


Father-of-Death responds:

I have no clue, thanks for the revieeeeew


Rated 3 / 5 stars

0:00 ok it is starting
0:10 this is interesting... very sparse
0:15 mmk
0:17 ok
0:23 hehe this is dubsteps
0:28 ok
0:32 i see
0:35 i see how you are deconstructing verily the music
0:41 ok it's going

that was an interesting experiment, i see that you are making music! anyways it's a 3 i like it


Father-of-Death responds:

Lol ty

go go go go go go go go

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

0:00 yes i love those melodies!!!!!!!!
0:25 ok your melodies are awesome and i love this beat
0:33 this is so guuud <333333333
0:37 this is funky, we need vocals on this here beat
0:45 don't know who zero bombed this, this is amazing i really really love this. don't let that zero bomb hit your pride because this is gr8
1:01 hahahaha that solo
1:06 go with that solo make it rain my boy
1:15 ok this is the same lol but it is still cool i love how it plonks along
1:32 dissonant chords. this is beaut. i sense a 5 star
1:44 it's very battley... i like how the instruments are battling against each other... brilliant
2:00 changing up that drum loop... very interesting
2:13 i really like how experimental this is... brilliant
2:22 yes i like this even though it's so dissonant
2:32 i wonder how it will finish. sounds to be filtering out
2:45 ok this is good. (skips to 3:19)
3:19 nice ending

WOW who zero bombed this piece of awesomeness i love it so much... it's a 4.5 star from me especially since the first half was a lot better than the second half but the FIRST HALF IS SO GOOD i love it... it's very singable... the second half was a little less so BUT STILL GOOD it was just a bit dissonant is all... love this <3333


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Father-of-Death responds:

Yea it loops pretty hard on the end sorry dawg

NGADM2017- Random Loud Loop NGADM2017- Random Loud Loop

Rated 4 / 5 stars

0:00 ok you got those cool glitching drums!
0:18 ok this is very experimental i like those arps
0:25 this is very interesting i like the video gamey backgrounds and the way it is washed over by all the glitching drummies
0:39 yessss this is cool this is really cool
0:45 hmmmmmmmmmmmmm will it win the comp? i hope you get into the next round... i might try to get in too!

it looped. this is really nice! i wish it had a bit more sticking power but it is very very beautiful and i love the glitches and the arps, they are very very nice.

regards and love you


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Zelda takes ecstasy Zelda takes ecstasy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

pre-amble 3xosc hahahahahahahhaa let's see. but you can do anything because you're f-o-d

0:00 ok that sounds beautiful i stand corrected
0:11 i stand corrected, i am seated so i sit corrected
0:23 this is beautiful and bubbly! i really like it! reminds me of the backing prod of an artist named Ladi6, a NZ artist you probably haven't heard of
0:43 i love the arps! so good. it's gaining in wideness or something
0:54 yes this is really nice. i wish that snare hit had a bit more interestingness about it, like the beautiful arpies
1:13 ok the arpies continues...
1:19 the chords are nice!
1:25 ok this is still going
1:29 yayyyyyyy beat
1:33 mmk
1:37 ok it will finish soon i would've liked progression
1:44 fade out

mmk this was really neat! i loved the arpeggios and chords! the percussion could have used some some'n some'n. 4 stars because of its potential for a 5 star beat

you're the best


Father-of-Death responds:

Yup im boring

aw yea loop aw yea loop

Rated 4 / 5 stars

0:00 i hope their is will smith
0:02 no will smith. disappointed.
0:06 ooh this is nice
0:08 ok i see
0:12 yes i see where this is going
0:16 ok you're adding stuff
0:20 plinking along
0:25 ok i see it's chugging along
0:30 this will end soon, oh no
0:35 this is chugging along
0:40 chugging along
0:43 this is chugging along
0:47 aw yeaaaah
0:00 more chugging along
0:07 still chugging

i quit. thank you for the loop. it chugs along! i like that it's productive. +4 stars for the chugging! it is very good


Father-of-Death responds:

Yea i havent been that original lately. Kinda just trying to keep my own sanity with making plain boring loops

stick it in it stick it in it

Rated 4 / 5 stars

0:00 i like these plinks
0:12 yes i am waiting for the rap to come
0:17 reverse thingies hehe
0:22 wow
0:24 wow
0:26 ok
0:29 i know
0:32 yup i know already
0:34 yup
0:37 ok that's enough
0:40 thank you
0:42 yup
0:45 okay
0:48 wows
0:51 the polar bear?
0:54 polar bear lol
0:58 oks
1:02 i-hop
1:05 ohhh wow
1:09 wow
1:11 oks lol
1:15 haha
1:17 you remind me of Dan Harmon
1:22 yup
1:25 ok
1:27 yes we know
1:30 ok
1:33 yes
1:35 i see
1:37 okay
1:40 i know
0:00 looped

okay that was interesting. i understood everything except one thing... what would you like to stick in it exactly?

4 stars because your voice is cool and i like your funnyness but this is not Mozart so i will -1 star for that. but i still love you