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You know what's extraordinary? Idiots docking this narrated short by 1.5 or 2 stars because the character graduated young, or because the main character pursued creative writing as their dream or they didn't realise that the animation's title was slightly tongue-in-cheek.

It's jawdropping the way you evoke emotion through animated pieces. It's one thing to be a good animator - it's another to have a masterful editing touch to evoke the right frame at the right time coupled with the right audio. You have both these skills in spades, cup overflowing. It's a pleasure to view what you've created. Thank you.

Your animation isn't great, but your voice acting is pretty awesome. GEt a better mic pls :DD

omg that was freaky

Olynyte responds:


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@Verichiel You could rate it higher if you were smart to realize that ((SPOILERS ALERT)) you should lift the spike wall before clicking on your character, and then return to lifting the spike wall again immediately.

This is a great and innovative game, pushing boundaries and trying new stuff. Love it.

great simple puzzle game. so much so that i am typing this with one hand.
wink wink.

in all seriousness, there are some flaws.
1. the fact that the whole puzzle resets every time you fail. it should stay there so i can readjust the pieces.
2. you can't readjust the pieces.

other than that, retro delight! ****1/2 out of 5.

Dwarfism, Jumping, Pixels, and Powerful Fruit

A pixelated platformer by Zillix and hermtheworm, "endeavor" is ambient and involving. You control a dwarf trying to uncover a secret of ancient past, traversing multiple worlds of lush scenery and weaving underground caves, to lava-filled monstrous volcanoes.

This game is big. It's set in an illustrious world, that is not only a fun to explore, as it is puzzling to complete. After a quick beginning cutscene, you are introduced to artistic pixelated graphics, with ladders and jumping things, and people spout demoralizing comments as you walk past. People around you say that "You can't do this" or "You can't do that", and the whole game centers around the theme of a society that fails to try.

But you are the little dwarf that can. Amassing endurance and several genius abilities, you end up with an arsenal of tools, including some gripping gloves, a lightning gun, and a frickin awesome parachute that makes life 100x easier.

There is a noticeable lack of death in the game, such as when you stay in the water for too long, you don't drown, you just return to the surface. And when you fall from a large height your vision gets "blurry" as if you almost fainted.

There is a severe element of choice in which path you want to explore, and there are hidden treasures that make the game easier, and some are very hard to acquire. The simple pixelated graphics of the game add to endeavor's appeal, rather than hurt it.

TL;DR: endeavor is a huge exploration game that will puzzle you, thrill you, and leave you wanting more. Highly recommended.

Rating: 9/10

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Ooh! Experimental and bassy. I like this. It has a great sense of poise. It also just hits like a jackhammer - predictable yet... sassy? I don't know, my describe words failing me! Anyways. This has a nice variety and progression and is totally rad :)

HypercubeRecords responds:


Ooh, this is quite nice! Getting there. I think that the general mix is quite nice, but I do think that certain notes are out of scale and this might hold it down a bit. Plus also I feel like the drop at 0:50 could have chords that are less dissonant if that makes sense? It's still quite a well-energetic and very nice piece, I just think that mixing could make it even better ^_^

Zumos9499 responds:

Thanks ^^

WHOA THIS IS CRAAAAAZY well done <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

IAmDeadOnTheInside responds:

Thank you!

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even ur quick doodles mak me cri

Wow. How can I get this as my wallpaper lol. You are one of the best artists I know of on this site.

Carrion responds:

I'll put together a high res picture and pm it to you. <3

hey Decky,

On first impression, the art is very grainy and angst-filled. The background looks like you kinda just got the spray can in paint and sprayed a few blotches of white here and there. The presentation is quite chaotic, which sticks true to the theme of what you're trying to advertise, and the textures are quite raw.

You have executed your idea of rebellion quite consistently, and I can see what you are trying to do with the image of the guy in the middle. But it doesn't seem like the whole thing is cohesive, like it was just pasted on top. The stick figures and drawings in the background look kind of amateur too, even though it was probably on purpose. It looks a bit rushed.

However this poster serves it purpose. You display the theme of rebellion quite well, but the text is slightly hard to read because of the contrast of the red, black and white. It kind of looks like "rebellio festival" if you ask me (missing the 'n'). It does evoke rebellion as an emotion, a metaphor, and that you have succeeded at. It's just that your skill must match your vision.

You explore the subject of rebellion in a relatively competent manner, but it somehow doesn't seem like a fully-fleshed out theme is thought of. I think it's also added by the paint-esque signature on the bottom-left hand corner, with the smiley tongue-poking face, that seems kind of cheaply done. As for the punk influence, the guy's red fluorescent hair makes him seem like a punk-ish dude, but I'm not sure that the sign or stance reflects a punk attitude.

Overall, a well-realized vision of a poster, but could be well improved upon, if you had taken more time to care about the quality of what you were making.

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