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Grand Halls Of Memoria (Last Exit For The Lost) Grand Halls Of Memoria (Last Exit For The Lost)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't know why someone rated this so lowly... it's amazing... well done. It's so evocative. I wanna use it for something, but I don't know what.

Keep it up.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol this is amazing. It sounds like Folie A Deux era Fall Out Boy but with a greatttttt Bilal-sounding vocal. Legitimately great voice, especially when the verses and so on start. It's so catchy and good...

there are parts that sound !3OH3 ft. Katy Perry-ish, but it's overwhelmed by the great sounding moments. Especially verses like the one at 1:52.


CHiLEDAWG responds:

ayeeeeeeeeee ZiGZAG! thanks so much for the review bro you are the mannnn!

fruityloop (LOOP) fruityloop (LOOP)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


especially fruity ones

and this doesn't sound bad either. <33333333


keep fathering that death, boyeeeeeeee

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Father-of-Death responds:

thanks dude! have you been making any more songs? you better be!

Ride The Bipolar Waves Ride The Bipolar Waves

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Whoaaaaaaaa this is brilliant. The person below me is right. Brutaaaaaaaal

the world of spirit the world of spirit

Rated 5 / 5 stars

WHOA this is fantastic. i love it so much. very good. so professional, favourited you and song

Night Stalker Night Stalker

Rated 3 / 5 stars

0:00 pensive enough beginning
0:20 bass comes in
0:27 sounds horrorcore-ish
0:33 i like this chord coming in
0:40 that kick is a bit too subdued for my liking... too bassy, not enough breadth or whatever
0:55 i hope it comes to the fore soon
1:00 this is too subdued...... at the moment. needs a little more in your face drums. i try not to mean that in the shallowest of ways, but the song does need a bit of energy and sway in my opinion
1:40 yeah it's a bit too subdued imo
SKIP to 2:45 wow this entire track never lifts, does it? it needs to lift

In my opinion this track needed to lift and it didn't.... even in the drum parts the hits weren't distinct enough. left me without a good impression. still well-produced, though, just not energetic enough


AnubisInc responds:

I'll take this into consideration when I complete this song. Thank you for your input, and thank you for listening.

TbT: Puzzle TbT: Puzzle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

0:00 I like this synth and how it reverberates
0:10 OH WOW i love this piano line
0:17 HAHA it sounds like Ghost busters... please don't make it too similar!!!!
0:29 I like the little chords here... sounds a bit Sylenthy, though
0:38 Really good chords
0:42 OOOH i like those bells
0:49 This is extremely feelsy-sounding. i like it.
1:02 oooooh i love the flute coming in
1:10 everything is so synergistic. and progressive. so brilliant. THOSE SYNTHETIC VOCALS. i am favouriting you and the song
1:10-57 my favourite part with the synthetic choir..... so brilliant
(what is the choir vst by the way lol)

love it! so good. 5/5 i was blown away. favourited you and song.

Zig Zag

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Gojou's Theme Gojou's Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow. The melodies in this are fantastic. You're right in saying this is Mega Man-inspired. It is beautiful and every little bit has its purpose.
0:22 This part is fantastic! Well-done. So brilliant.
0:31 Wow! Those stabs. I love it. So good.
0:43 I love your composition. Don't know what much else to say, this is brilliant on all accounts. From the drums down to the riffs and bass lines, every thing is so well-thought-out and cohesive.
1:13 The synths here and how they bend are so ecstatic. I'm FAVOURITING you and this track.
1:34 those stabs kill me. so good.
SKIP to 2:26 much of it is the same but it is still fantastic. love it.

This was an extremely well composed song and i love how cohesive it all was. Synths well-chosen, drums were consistent, and the stabs killed me. loved it <3 favourited both for artist and song


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Sodapiggy responds:

Thanks so much for your support! I'll be posting some new music soon, so stay tuned!

Monster Madness Monster Madness

Rated 3 / 5 stars

0:00 the guitar and the strings are too muted, in my opinion... they aren't well mixed
0:13 plus i don't like the chords or at least the way they're played with this synth
0:22 good riifs.... i can tell that this is a cover. it sounds like a very good original piece
0:39 this part in particular is well done. i think the instruments need a bit more mixing
0:52 ok now i understand this chorus-ish part...
SKIPPED to 1:45 ok it's much of the same

I didn't find this very interesting, even though it's a cover, the instruments chosen didn't really fill the sound spectrum. however it was a nice try at lovingly covering a good song.


MusicWizard responds:

Okey, thanks for them opionons.

Power Loop Power Loop

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The snares are a bit much, and the kicks aren't mixed very well, but at least it's a kind of start. It's got some kind of fullness. Even though I've heard that guitar sample so many times. Good start to learning FL.

Axolotl responds:

Yeah, there's a lot wrong with it, but it was a good learning experiment. Creating a short melody and doing percussion and whatnot was difficult for me since I had never really used it before. I have *no* idea how to mix stuff or master it correctly in the program, and I'm still barely able to use it, haha. I need to sit down and really learn the ins and outs of it someday.

But thanks for the review! Appreciate it!